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The 11th Symposium on Behavioral Neurology

Save the date for our next Behavioral Neurology Symposium. It will be devoted to cognitive-behavioral issues in epilepsy and neuro-oncology. We’re looking forward to lively attendance. More detailed information will be provided soon.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 11th Symposium on Behavioral Neurology in Lucerne, taking place on May 3th, 2024. The Symposium will be devoted to cognitive-behavioral disorders in patients with epilepsy and brain tumors. Cognitive and emotional issues are highly prevalent in these patients. They may considerably affect their quality of life and caregiver burden. The problems are often multifaceted which is reflected in the varied topics of our program. Accordingly, in the morning session on epilepsy limbic functions including ictal phenomena from limbic regions such as transient amnesia or sensation of fear as well as behavioral manifestations of circadian rhythms or social cognition will be covered. The afternoon will focus on neuro-oncology, beginning with an update on neurocognitive deficits that become particularly relevant in long term survivors of glioma. In addition, patients may suffer from cognitive-behavioral sequelae of chemotherapy and antiepileptic medication as addressed in separate talks. Conversely, tumor- and therapyassociated cognitive deficits have implications for medical decision making and the ability to return to work. Finally, pre- and intraoperative mapping of neurocognitive functions is important to minimize the consequences of neurosurgery.

We are very pleased that internationally renowned scientists and promising young colleagues agreed to participate and share their expertise with us. The symposium will be of interest for all health care professionals treating patients with epilepsy and brain tumors, including neurosurgeons, neurologists, oncologists, clinical neuropsychologists and therapists. We look forward to welcome you in the picturesque Lucerne.

Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Bohlhalter, Chair Neurocenter
PD. Dr. med. Katharina Seystahl, Head of Neurooncology
Dr. med. Lara Diem, Head of epileptology
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hundsberger, President of the Swiss Neuro Oncology Society

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Anmeldeschluss ist der 04.04.2024 (12.00 Uhr)

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